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SEO is important to get your website noticed. But there are some mistakes that need to be diligently avoided while formulating your SEO plan for websites. Here are the most common ones:

Multiple addresses for the same Page:

Search engine spiders and crawlers may get confused if multiple web addresses or URL’s point to the same home page. This is known as Canonicalization and the best way to avoid this from happening would be to check each and every URL associated with your website to ensure that no 2 addresses point to the same web page.

Wrong Backlink placement:

Just because Search Engines rank your page based on backlinks to your webpage, you simply cannot overload backlinks in every single area you find. If unfortunately your backlink is placed in a website or blog that is blacklisted by search engines, your website too would suffer the consequences.

Over Animation and Flash Content:

Flash makes search engine bots blind and as a result your website’s flash content fails to be evaluated by search engine algorithms thereby rendering a low ranking for your website in search results.

Missing out or going wrong with the <title> tag:

Google’s spiders, though clever, could definitely use some help. The <title> helps these spiders by informing them about the web page, and information that would be useful for the spiders for search indexing. Hence you should take care to ensure that the <title> tag is present and is appropriately defined.

By avoiding the above 4 mistakes, you can focus more on your content marketing strategies to ensure that your content reaches out to its right potential readers.



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