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google +Since its inception in 2011, Google+ has grown to over 500 million users and even though it still lags behind Facebook as a social media site, it is now being recognized as a fantastic marketing and content management tool.

Here are top 5 advantages of promoting your brand or content on Google+:

1. Of course the most obvious reason is that Google+ is backed by search engine giant, Google.  Having a presence on Google+ ensures better SEO as Google has incorporated content from Google+ into its search engine.  If your post has +1’s, it is likely to be given a higher ranking in search results.

2. Google+ is not just an independent social media site.  It is integrated with other Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Google AdWords, and Google Maps.  This is by far the biggest difference between Google+ and other social media sites.  On sites like Facebook, the presence of your brand is limited only to Facebook users, whereas, on Google+, consumer reach is now almost limitless.

3. With Google launching Google Authorship, Google+ has gained importance in management of content too.  All original content can now be linked to a writer’s Google+ account.   This allows for greater visibility as one blog by a particular author gets automatically linked to other blogs by the same author.

4. One of Google+’s best marketing tools is the Hangouts option.  Nothing beats face-to-face communication in customer engagement.  Hangouts allows you to interact with people in your circles with webinars, workshops, and video sharing.  It has become such a hot trend that Google recently increased the number of people allowed to hang out from 10 to 15.  Recently Japan’s Prime Minister invited 7 people from the opposition and 5 members from the public to have a ‘Hangout debate’ on Google+ Hangouts providing a new level of interaction for the public.

5. Targeted content marketing is a great way to increase click-through rates and the  Google+ ‘Circles’ feature greatly enables this.  Instead of sending updates to everyone, you can now send content to a specific group of people who would be interested in it.

The influence of Google+ is only set to rise in the coming years and if you are still ignoring it, you could well be committing brand suicide!


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