Content – Do you have a plan?

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Of course, you should! As content marketing agencies, brand agencies, and internet marketing experts battle it out for newer, shinier content to spice up their brands, you don’t want to miss the train, do you? We’ll break the down the entire process, into manageable, digestible pieces, for your benefit. The approach to any content marketing…

Is copy and paste a problem in your content marketing?

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When it is all about online content, you simply can’t afford to miss out on one critical aspect! PLAGIARISM. Copying content directly without author’s permission is a grave mistake. Every writer who has created original content has invested his time and effort to set the tone with his readers. Then why should anyone else get…

6 points to note before generating content

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At times, even after spending a fortune on generating quality web content, your website still fails to draw enough visitors. What might be the most common reason for it? A mismatch between the content and the company’s focus. For example, a brilliantly written article about Automobile Engine technologies for a company that focuses on automotive…

How to improve your websites visibility in Search Engine Rankings

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Improving your website rankings in Search Engine results is not that easy. Many websites that publish content almost every single hour still find themselves clinging to the bottom of the rankings. So how exactly do you improve your website’s rankings in terms of search engine ranking? Google ranks web pages in terms of a PR…

6 easy tips to get the most out of your writers

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As far as a content agency/publishing company is concerned, writers are their biggest asset. To keep your writers constantly motivated and dedicated towards their work, keep the following tips in mind: A Job Well Done: Appreciation of work done well will certainly be a morale booster and motivate your writers to continue the good work….

How to manage your freelance writers?

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Any content agency usually deals with two sets of writers. One is the set of in-house writers working onsite/on location, and the other is the set of writers who work as freelancers. Employing freelancers might be a good choice as it greatly reduces the infrastructural costs such as computers, desks, office space, etc. It also…

How to promote a business by blogging

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Blogs – Have you tried them yet? So you have a website ready with every little detail that your client would want to know about your company listed out clearly. What next? Duh…promotion obviously… Wait a minute, but HOW! Well there are many ways to promote your website, but content marketing tops the list! And within content marketing, an…

Do you follow this content marketing flow?

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Having an effective content marketing strategy is not as simple as it seems. While you digest this understatement of the year, customers are searching, researching, buying, and talking about your competition. In a consumer driven business world, you have to lure customers to your business and content is the perfect invitation. Giving customers the content…