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Content Marketing TrendsContent marketing is evolving at a very rapid pace. Here are some of the key trends as well as strategies in content marketing that have already become, or are set to become a reality in the near future.

Develop a Vision for your content (and business!):

The best vision your business can have would be to aim to become the leader in providing content in a particular area of interest or expertise. The answer to the question “Why should people visit my blog when they can get information from several other sources?” is indeed the answer that can make or break your business.

Listen to your customers:

The focus of your content marketing strategies should be on delivering content that people want as opposed to providing them what you want to convey. For this to happen, you need to listen to what your potential readers want by aggregating user sentiments. For example if the group you are targeting is a bunch of Gadget lovers, providing content related to Apple’s iPhone 5 is more relevant than giving them a report on the recent Obama-Romney Debate which may have an impact on companies like Apple. Though Apple is in both the topics, a detailed review of the iPhone 5 would be the better choice.

Increase investment on quality workforce:

Your writers and editors have a say in how engaging the content you post should be. Hiring the right team of writers should be your first step in implementing your content marketing strategy.

Invest in software and utility platforms:

More investment should be made in developing or buying sophisticated content management systems, marketing tools, etc that integrate planning, production and promotion of content through various channels.

Evolving your content workflow to incorporate the latest trends often requires an automated solution that streamlines the authoring, publishing and promotion of your content. If you are on the lookout for such a solution, then do drop by at to take a comprehensive look at Voraka, a content marketing and management tool that helps you achieve these goals easily. Request a demo today!


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