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Healthcare Web content

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Web Content in Healthcare has several issues when it comes to generation of content as well as promotion of it. Let us take a look into some of the constraints that plagues medical content, especially medical blogs:


No false data must be provided in a critical field such as healthcare as people are likely to follow tips and advices published on your website while dealing with their illness. Ensure what you post is verified by an authorized medical professional.

More Effort:

Compared to other content forms, medical terms and information cannot be posted online without extensive research. Moreover, a huge effort is needed in translating complex information into simple statements that a layman can understand. For example, many people would understand what the medical term short sightedness means but a majority of people will not understand what Myopia is, even though both are the same.

Higher Investment:

Healthcare experts may not know the exact amount of investment required in developing web content. Unlike other industries like consumer or retail where the investment required is moderate, healthcare content is costly because writers and editors have to spend a considerable time researching the content. Healthcare writers can charge up to nearly $180 per hour.

Lack of Social Media Presence:

Healthcare companies or medical experts do not happen to have a presence in Social Networking as compared to other fields.

With all these constraints, it is likely that your content management team needs to run their brains on full steam to organize everything from instructing writers and aggregating content from writers, to getting the content approved by medical professionals. Automation of this task would certainly provide much needed respite.

If you are looking to automate these tasks, then look no further than Voraka. Voraka is a powerful Content Management and Marketing tool that manages your entire content delivery process from creating to publishing to marketing. Request a demo today!

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