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Content Marketing has reached new heights in terms of its potential to increase brand identity as well as in becoming the key driver of user traffic to websites. Enterprises have realized the value of content marketing because today the e-commerce industry particularly depends on content marketing to drive potential sales traffic to their retail portals. Content marketing powers search engine analytics, increases brand awareness on online platforms such as social media, discussion forums, blogs, etc and is one of the hottest emerging marketing trend of the digital world. But one factor that has contributed massively to content marketing is the evolution of Content Management Systems (CMS).

CMS has made life much easier for internet marketing affiliates and agencies to streamline content delivery to virtually any platform on the internet. Synchronisation with different publishing media is made possible with CMS technology and it is possible to remodel content to suit each channel. Publishing content in the desired format into the brand’s popular social feeds is much easier.

As regards to the content creation, what more can you ask for from content when it is possible to add Hyperlinks, Pictures, Videos, Documents, Surveys and a whole lot of user engaging content? Add to these the ability to check for plagiarism, and you have the perfect solution!

CMS also keeps track of all the activities that happens to your  content feeds including comments, likes, shares, etc and can even provide promotion tools such as banners, email campaigns, etc and track their progress as well.

A CMS has indeed turned out to be the heart of modern content marketing strategies. If you think your organisation requires an effective CMS solution to manage your content delivery, then we have all the right tools for you. For a complete package that streamlines your content workflow from writers all the way to the publishing media, you might want to check out Voraka.  Visit to know more.

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