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SEO Link BuildingBacklinks or inward links have been at the centre of SEO strategies ever since search engines came into prominence. In simple terms, a backlink is any link directed to a website from another website. But evolution of search algorithms have resulted in a drastic change towards the way backlinks are recognized by search engines, even though it is a primary ranking parameter. Backlinks can indeed be a blessing or a curse depending on the way you use them to promote your web page. Let us take a look at the top mistakes people commit while backlinking to their websites, courtesy which, their rankings deteriorate instead of improving.

Backlinking from forbidden websites:

If a backlink to your website happens to be from a website that is blacklisted or reported by visitors to be hostile as per internet community standards, then your website also stands to suffer severe consequences.

Selling text links with ads:

This strategy has resulted in a number of pages being removed from Google’s search index. Whatever is deemed to be a money making strategy may lead to your site being penalized for the same.

Too many links over too little time:

Just because backlinks improve your rankings, aggresively inserting them or going in for automatic backlinking mechanisms could be treated as spam by search engine algorithms and hence your website may get blacklisted.

There are better ways to drive traffic to your website than faulty backlinks! Good content can ensure better traffic. Along with good content, management and automation of content creation cycle along with content performance analytics can help you improve your rankings tremendously. If you need help in creating a great content marketing strategy, that combines SEO best practices and delivery automation wisely, do connect with us and we will be glad to help!


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