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If you are running a pay-per-click campaign, then you are probably familiar with Google’s Ad Rank algorithm; a ranking method that judges which ads should appear first on the page when a search is initiated.  It involves essentially two components:

-The maximum amount you are willing to bid for a keyword and

-The quality score.

The combination of the above two factors will decide which position your ad appears in on a search page.  The first factor is easy enough to understand; if you are willing to pay a higher amount for that particular keyword, then Google is willing to place your ad higher, but equally important is the quality score that Google assigns to your content.  Getting a higher quality score will ensure that you need to pay less for your ads.  Consequently, your page could be ranked higher than your competitors even if they are paying more.

What is quality score?  Quality score is the grade assigned based on factors like the quality of the ad content, use of relevant keywords, the click-through rate, and the historical performance of the site.

How can it be improved?  Google places a high value on user experience and a favorable user experience leads to more clicks and views.  More clicks lead to an improved quality score. Generally a score of above 6 is considered good.  Here are a few tips to improve your quality score:

Keywords:  Identifying the right keyword is of utmost importance.  The best way is to create a list of good keywords and then create different ads with them.  That way you know which words attract the most clicks and you can then group them together.  A word of caution:  The keywords absolutely have to be relevant to the ad or Google will dismiss it.

URLs and headlines:  Captivate the user with a catchy headline that stokes the curious cat in them.  Use keywords in the URL.

Create rich content:  If people don’t find what they were looking for, chances are that they will leave immediately and a high bounce rate will do nothing for your quality score.  So create content that is relevant, informative, and high in quality.  Build your content around the appropriate keyword.

Improve landing page experience:  Google announced recently that the quality of the landing page would be taken into consideration when assigning the quality score.  The landing page should contain original content that is easy to navigate through with a prominent display of product information.

Simply put, create good content for your ads and you could end up paying much less than your competitor does, while still making a better profit!


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