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keyword stuffing

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Search engines today have algorithms that can identify any kind of suspicious activity on a website. One big danger lurking in the dark as far as website content developers are concerned is the density of keywords they use in their posts to attract search engine bots. Keyword stuffing may be introduced onto your website if you focus too much on the keyword density.

Keyword stuffing, according to search engine algorithms, is the deliberate placement of top keywords on a website repeatedly and without sense, with the sole intention of manipulating search engine rankings.

Any keyword with density greater than 5% is considered as suspicious by search engine bots, and is considered as an intentional move by the website owner to make search engines believe that the site should be ranked higher. You might have repeatedly used the same keyword again with the intention of making your content rich but no one tells that to the bot analysing your website.

You may also write content with different variations of your targeted keyword. This would prevent unnatural rise in keyword density and thereby safeguard your website from the stuffing problem. For instance: if your keyword is “Content outsourcing”, you may to word it as outsourcing content, content from outsourcers etc. However, the solution here is not to be creative with the keywords, but to ensure it falls naturally amidst relevant and informative content.

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