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This is the day and the age of the smart phone.  Today there are over 1 billion smart phones in use and this number is only set to go higher.  Juniper Research predicts that there will be more than 1.8 billion mobile internet users in 2013.  In the push to stay connected 24/7, the smart phone has emerged as a big player.  People use their mobiles nowadays whenever they get the chance.  Any bit of spare time and out comes the smart phone!  Seeing people fiddle with their mobiles while commuting or waiting at restaurants or bus stops is a common sight now.

Internet marketers spend a great deal of time and money on internet content; it is a wise step now to consider investing in making the same content mobile-specific too.  A person who sees an ad for your site on the mobile should not have to wait to get home to visit the site because chances are that he would have forgotten about it by that time.

Let’s face it, trying to view a web site meant for the PC on your mobile is like trying to walk through a swamp.  It involves too much of searching, scrolling up, down, right, and left with buttons that are way too tiny.  In today’s impatient world, that can only translate into a potential customer leaving your site to go to a competitor’s mobile-friendly site and consequently a loss of business.

Here are a few tips to get mobile-savvy content:

1.  Desktop content needs to be condensed by at least about 10 times to suit the mobile phone.  There are many excellent solutions available, ranging from free to premium, like WPtouch, Mobify, DudaMobile, and Wirenode to name just a few which can help your site become mobile friendly.

2.  Since your content is in the condensed form, it needs to be clear and concise with attention-grabbing headings.  Remember this content is for your on-the-go customer.  He doesn’t have time for irrelevant, long-winded information.

3.  Images take time to load and your typical mobile user is short on time, so go easy on the images.  One good eye-catching picture should do the trick.

4.  Your site has to be easy to navigate through.  Large buttons are a must along with small menus and short links that do not require much typing.  Provide contact information and directions boldly.

5.  If you can come up with an app of your own, nothing like it, since a high percentage of mobile users download apps.

6.  According to Nielsen, accessing e-mail, accounts for nearly 40% of the time spent while mobile browsing.  Hence it makes sense to create e-mails that are short and mobile oriented.


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