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Responsive Content Marketing

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Content marketing is no longer a toddler staggering clueless on the marketing grounds. It has already managed to find itself a critical spot on every marketer’s marketing strategy. Earlier it used to manifest itself in the form of online content for the websites primarily displayed on the desktops. But with the rise in mobile device usage, content should now be created, curated and represented with the mobile device at the center. To satisfy this very need, responsive content marketing has emerged.

So what exactly is Responsive content marketing? Well it mainly comprises of 2 stages i.e. Responsive Web Design and Responsive Content Generation.

Responsive Web Design involves developing websites with coding techniques that allow them to be scaled automatically to fit into the screen of any device from which users are likely to access the web page. The device may be a hand held Smartphone, a Tablet PC, a Netbook or a Notebook PC or a Desktop Computer. Missing out on this scalability means that your website is slated to lose a good number of readers who use mobile devices to access the internet.

Responsive content generation on the other hand, deals with providing content to readers in whichever way they need it based on factors such as their personal preferences, geographical location, etc. RSS feeds and alerts that deliver content to users as per their choices is an example of Responsive content. Well you can even call it Smart Content.

However it is not just responsiveness but also effective streamlining of your content workflow from generation to publishing that makes your marketing work easy.

Voraka is a cloud based content marketing management engine that caters to large-scale content generation needs. The application is a one-stop solution for managing writers, creating, delivering and measuring content performance regularly. Connect with us to know more or request for a free demo today!

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