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SEO mistakes


Here’s an SEO tip sheet with some of the most common SEO mistakes listed. Enjoy….

Over use of Flash:

Providing flash content is a way to increase appeal, but do you actually know that your SEO optimized content cannot be accessed by Web Spiders (Search Engine indexing scripts) if embedded in flash? So leave it only for design and keep the content out of it.

Over Dynamic use of Ajax:

Web Spiders always analyze and rate content that are static. Since AJAX content is loaded dynamically, it will not be indexed by spiders.

Getting the URL wrong:

The URL is one of the most important placements for your keyword. Bloggers and site administrators tend to ignore it.

Links and Backlinks:

Hyperlinking a keyword rather than a simple statement like “Click Here” is a more SEO friendly tactic. Though backlinks are good to gain more visitors for your website content, focusing on a single word/phrase might prove to be an SEO disaster as it could be treated as spamming by web spiders.

Meta Tags do not improve SERP:

Some people still believe that meta tags draw web spiders onto their page but this is a wrong notion because search engine algorithms have changed significantly over the years. Meta tags do not help gain a better page ranking anymore.

Another great way to improve your rankings other than avoiding the points mentioned above is to use great content tactics. Ever changing content to your website, be it in the form of website content or blogs or articles, also help search engines improve your ranking.

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