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social Media and Link BuildingWhy is link building important to content writers, managers and marketers? Because a large portion of search engines’ algorithms are attributable to link-based factors. Because search engines use links as votes that matter and contribute to opinions about the importance and popularity of Web pages. So creators of any type of content will need to think about link acquisition strategies, and plan link building campaigns.

We have become entrenched in an age where social media rules much of what happens on the Web. There are scores of social media avatars teeming in cyberspace, with entire retinues of users who are the ultimate consumers and who matter the most to all online marketers and content creators.  Why? Because the power of social sharing has been on the rise for a couple of years now affecting the way search engines work. Specifically, Google started to add several social signals to its search results. Users started to get personalized results which listed content shared by other users in the searcher’s social networks like Facebook and Twitter. That is, content got promoted up the search result listings because of social influence.

What does this mean for content publishers? That they can easily benefit from the sharing habits of users, especially users who have large social circles, who share a lot of material and who have managed to build up an enviable reputation as an ‘influencer’. If you write good content and aptly tag it, the right kind of users will reach where you want them to, through Digg, Reddit, Delicious and other social sites. Better content will invite more organic linking between these sites, users, and reader’s blogs.

It is easy to see that social media can play an important role in online marketing and in link building, over and above traditional means used to build legitimate links. But note that social shares are NOT the same as links, but they do get you better rankings, immense exposure and attractive traffic metrics.

Be it social media or link building, content always matters. But consistent content deliverables need to be managed effectively. Not just the creation but also the optimization, delivey and measurement. Voraka is a content marketing management tool which helps you manage your writers and their deliverables effectively. It also helps you measure your content performance while tackling bills and payments without any hassles. To get a free demo, contact us today!

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