How CMS is making a difference to web content and content marketing

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Content Marketing has reached new heights in terms of its potential to increase brand identity as well as in becoming the key driver of user traffic to websites. Enterprises have realized the value of content marketing because today the e-commerce industry particularly depends on content marketing to drive potential sales traffic to their retail portals….

Keyword Stuffing: A silent killer in your web content

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Search engines today have algorithms that can identify any kind of suspicious activity on a website. One big danger lurking in the dark as far as website content developers are concerned is the density of keywords they use in their posts to attract search engine bots. Keyword stuffing may be introduced onto your website if…


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Since its inception in 2011, Google+ has grown to over 500 million users and even though it still lags behind Facebook as a social media site, it is now being recognized as a fantastic marketing and content management tool. Here are top 5 advantages of promoting your brand or content on Google+: 1. Of course the…

4 mistakes you should avoid in your SEO strategy for your website

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SEO is important to get your website noticed. But there are some mistakes that need to be diligently avoided while formulating your SEO plan for websites. Here are the most common ones: Multiple addresses for the same Page: Search engine spiders and crawlers may get confused if multiple web addresses or URL’s point to the same home…


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In the internet marketing universe, there is no doubt that content is king.  Not only does it ensure greater visibility for your site, it is a great way to transfer information to your clients.  Having great content is a sure-fire way of making sure your customers are back for more.  No wonder then that more than 80% of…

What should you care about while formulating your content marketing strategy?

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An assessment of your content marketing strategy is vital to ensure that it is on the right track. You need to subject your content marketing strategy to the judgement of those factors that have a say in your content’s success. So who or what are those factors? Let’s take a look: The primary search engine Google: Nearly…

Top Mistakes that Content Marketing Gurus need to correct

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“To err is Human” There is no denying this fact. This is true even in the case of content marketing gurus. But correcting these mistakes is the key to creating a successful content marketing campaign. Here’s a look at the top mistakes we need to identify and correct: Unprofessional content: Even the full stops and commas…

Effective content marketing strategy for small and medium firms

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Today even small and medium business enterprises can leverage the advantages of a content marketing platform to ensure that their content reaches out to a respectable number of readers. When executed well, a small company can outgun a large competitor by marketing relevant and customized content. Here is our favorite content marketing strategy – BLOGS!…

Need for Responsive Content Marketing

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Content marketing is no longer a toddler staggering clueless on the marketing grounds. It has already managed to find itself a critical spot on every marketer’s marketing strategy. Earlier it used to manifest itself in the form of online content for the websites primarily displayed on the desktops. But with the rise in mobile device…