Voraka has been a great tool for us to manage and curate our content. This tool helps us facilitate the publishing process by providing a collaborative environment for writers, copy editors and manager. Voraka provides me with an effective way to manage content workflow and production.

Voraka is the best writer-client interface I have experienced. Voraka is a virtual office assistant for a writer, facilitating quick and easy submissions and keeping track of the submitted works. Ever since I started using Voraka, I have been able to write a few more articles a month, utilizing the time I would otherwise have spent trying to keep track of multiple submissions and invoicing. The intuitive design, the seamless interface and the user-friendly options are the icing on the cake.

As an experienced writer, but new user of Voraka, I feel that this writer management interface does go beyond. It is more amenable when it comes to working on a schedule. And more importantly, it provides a ready reckoner on the writer’s progress and seems capable of encouraging and achieving better all-round efficiency.

Voraka makes writing easy. With its task features and inbuilt writer pad features, I just have to focus on the writing part and not worry about the hassles of uploading. Also, the content management system allows me to check the status of my submitted contents and generate invoices with just a few clicks. Easy to use and efficient.

Arvind Pavithran

Writer, Content Crossroads