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Facebook Algorithm Changes

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Facebook is at it again!  They have introduced a new algorithm that radically changes the way news feeds are seen.  In the past, news feeds would appear in reverse chronological order, i.e. in the order from what happened recently to not so recent (like your jobs in a resume).  Now with their new formula, this has been replaced by stories that Facebook deems newsworthy.  It’s basically like a nagging wife telling her poor husband what is best for him.  Sometimes the wifely advice is good, but mostly it’s just irritating! They have also introduced a new ‘pay to promote’ option that they say will ensure more visibility for your posts.

So what does this mean?  Almost since the time Facebook took the social world by storm, it has been used as a platform by bloggers, small-time business owners, social media marketers, and non-profit organizations to promote their interests.  A post on Facebook regarding your business has the potential of being viewed by thousands and if it just happens to go viral, then by millions.  Most social media marketers have spent years building up their brand on Facebook and now all of a sudden, they are told that their days of social marketing are over.  It is akin to telling a child that he can have as much chocolate as he wants, whenever he wants and then suddenly tell him…’NO YOU CAN”T…FOOLED YA!   It would make anyone want to throw a tantrum…waah!  Big media conglomerates are unlikely to be affected by this as they can use the pay-to-promote option, but those with less financial clout, especially non-profit organizations and charities, have been hard hit.

It is estimated that the visibility of unpaid posts have now reduced by up to 40% with the introduction of the new algorithm.  The worst part is that if you were a fan of a lesser-known brand previously, the latest change by Facebook ensures that you may not be able to view the recent posts by your favored brand and instead may be forced to view posts you do not even have a remote interest in.  For example, what interest or time would a busy CEO have in a silly video of a bouncing fuzzy puppy?   A basic mistake that would occur with Facebook deciding what you will find interesting.

Furthermore, the jury is still not convinced about the effectiveness of the pay-to-promote option with many increasingly reporting spam content in their comment boxes.   Many are seeing their businesses promoted in countries they have no interest in.    For example, online magazine say that while views have increased, they have increased in Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand and not from their target audiences in America and Europe making them wonder about the efficacy of paying.

Facebook says their ultimate aim is to optimize the news feeds and make sure that the most interesting stories are circulated.  Is this what is truly happening?  Your guess is as good as mine.

There are effective ways to promote your brand on Facebook despite all these setbacks.  Content is one of them. Effectively posting content at the right time and place to the right person, can help increase your page popularity. For more information on such trends and tips for content marketing, keep visiting us!



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