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content marketing In the internet marketing universe, there is no doubt that content is king.  Not only does it ensure greater visibility for your site, it is a great way to transfer information to your clients.  Having great content is a sure-fire way of making sure your customers are back for more.  No wonder then that more than 80% of marketers are investing time, effort, and money on content marketing strategies.  Surprisingly though more than half of them do not bother to measure the success of their strategies.

In the business world, the bottom line is what matters in the end.  You may have the latest, industry-endorsed strategies in place, but if they do nothing to increase your profit margins, they are frankly just a waste of time.  Each strategy you have in place no doubt has a specific purpose.  Measuring content performance enables you to see if that purpose is being achieved or not.  Moreover, with great tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, KISSmetrics, and Mixpanel, measuring performance couldn’t get easier.

How is content performance measured? 

The first and most basic metric is the number of hits your site receives.  The posts that have received the most views will give you a basic idea on the topics your customers are more interested in.  Understanding which page has received the least hits also allows you to either modify it to better suit your purpose or to completely discard it.  The amount of time spent on each page by a visitor is also a good indicator of the effectiveness of that page.

Another metric is to check if your content is being downloaded on a regular basis along with the number of social media likes and shares you receive.  If people are sharing your posts with others it can only be because they find it interesting.

Measure the people signing up for your newsletters or weekly brochures.  That is a great indicator that they are genuinely interested in the information you are giving.  A healthy subscriber number shows your content quality is good and to their liking.

Inbound links, which are basically links another site provides to your site, are like gold dust when it comes to getting a higher ranking by search engines.  So keeping a check on these links serves as a great analytical tool.

Lastly, never ignore the comments and suggestions posted on your site as they are a direct link into the minds of the people you are trying to connect with.


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