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email-marketingE-mail marketing is simple.  Build up a list of established customer e-mails and then regularly bombard them with e-mail ads- could there be a cheaper, faster, or easier way to build loyalty to your brand?  Unfortunately there are a myriad ways to get it wrong and you could end up creating a sense of irritation towards your brand instead of promoting it.

Here are some tips to run an effective e-mail marketing campaign for your brand.

Get creative:  Be innovative and come up with a subject line that will stand out among the many e-mails in your clients’ inbox, something that will make them curious enough to open the mail.

Be simple:   Now that you have their attention, make sure you retain it!  Keep the mails simple yet engaging with clear links to your landing page.  Studies show that shorter e-mails are far more effective than long-winded ones.

Make it personal:   Give a homely feel to your e-mail by adding a personal story.  People relate more to experiences than mindless jargon.  Asking for feedback is another great way to engage the customer.  It makes them feel valued and more inclined to come back for more.

Clean up your list:  If you have customers in your e-mail list who regularly trash your mail without opening it, remove them from your sending list.  Having a list with a low open rate will make e-mail providers mark you as spam.  An open rate of above 25% is considered good. Another way to avoid the dreaded spam folder is to ask your loyal customers to add you to their contact lists.

Time it to perfection: Find out the perfect time to e-mail your target audience.  For example, for office workers, the perfect time is considered to be mid-day; once the morning office rush has settled and before the rush to leave office sets in.  Avoid sending mails during holidays as no one prefers to open mails during that time.

If they want to get out let them!:   Always provide an option for the customer to unsubscribe. That way they won’t feel forced and less inclined to liken your brand to a pesky salesperson!

But always keep in mind, what matters is content!


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