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Twitter logoTwitter is – in very simple terms – a service that one can use to communicate with anyone, anytime in 140 characters or less. Now that is a very simple way to put it, and the fact that there’s much more to twitter needs no mention. This tool has created magic in the world of social networking, with millions of users worldwide leveraging the power of subscribing, sharing and following tweets, by the minute. Simple, yet so powerful.

With the social networking capabilities it provides, Twitter also has immense potential to be a powerful business weapon as it provides a means to connect with others in the industry. It provides a way to get instant access to what is being said about one’s organization or competition, ideas, articles, news all on a single platform!

Here are a few ways to maximise what Twitter could do for your business:

1.       Tweet business relevant content frequently

Tweeting about interesting content relevant to your business or industry is a giant step towards attracting users to your own website or even following your organization on Twitter.

2.       Engage effectively

Demonstrate your service attitude by responding to tweets, from those who follow you. It could be existing customers leaving feedback or even prospects evaluating your page before an official enquiry!

3.       Re-tweet content

Sharing tweets from other posters on your own stream, by duly giving credit to the actual poster is a fantastic way of sharing knowledge among your follower base. It will keep them coming back and will help build a consistent prospects database.

4.       Keep it Simple 

In order to allow someone else re-tweet what you have posted, limit the number of characters of your tweets to around 120 characters. Make it easier for your content to be shared.

5.       Use Hashtags

The hashtag or #tag appended to your tweets helps in categorizing them and increases their searchability. For example, choosing a #smb hashtag for your small business, will improve chances of other users to find your tweets in related searches.

Still uncomfortable about using Twitter for your business? Check out their own Twitter Guide for business, created to help users understand and learn more about Twitter.

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