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Social Media BusinessBrands tend to publish content in social networks for the sake of having a presence. However careless posting on social media can in fact adversely affect your brand’s recognition as false information on a brand page can deal a deadly blow to your image. So you need to have an idea of what not to do in a social media. Here are a few suggestions:

Do not always keep sales in mind:

Direct selling via social marketing is perhaps the biggest mistake your brand can make in a social media. It is your knowledge, reputation and marketing skills that should sell your products instead.

Starving your brand page:

Posting something once in a blue moon could have a negative impact on your social image. Customers seeing an inactive page without any post for more than a day or two will not care to visit again.

Copycat Syndrome:

If a competitor’s brand page is having more life than yours, do not try to copy content that they have posted in order to gain more appeal. Instead try to analyze why your posts are not garnering enough attention and try to experiment more.

Settle scores with calm:

Being over hostile to a negative comment will only do more damage to your brand’s image. Try to engage via a friendly email or telephonic conversation with the person concerned and resolve the matter peacefully.

Social media is a powerful tool for business; learn to respect the power it yields. It is not just the best medium to connect with your audience but also a reflection of your brand’s personality. Potential customers sure do not want to see an unkempt image of yours! So update, educate and influence through social media.


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