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Content Marketing StrategyAn assessment of your content marketing strategy is vital to ensure that it is on the right track. You need to subject your content marketing strategy to the judgement of those factors that have a say in your content’s success. So who or what are those factors? Let’s take a look:

The primary search engine Google:

Nearly 75% of online search happens via Google and hence it is your content marketer’s responsibility to gratify Google’s search algorithm using SEO tactics to rank high on search results.

Social media:

Since Google’s revised search algorithms assign higher ranks to pages based on their popularity, social media is a big tool for content marketers. The  more the number of shares for your content on social media, the greater will be the love of Google for your website/content. As a consequence your page ranking will be higher.

Your Readers:

Your readers are the main target for your content publishing. If your readers like what you post and are more enaged with your brand, then your content marketing strategies are pretty much on track.

Mobile Browsers:

No longer can mobile internet be ignored as more people now access the internet via their smartphones than computers. Hence your website needs to be well jigged to suit mobile browser interfaces.

So once your content marketing strategy takes into account all these points, you may conclude that you are on the right track. But you still have the complex task of managing your content workflow in multiple publishing streams online, while managing  your content developers. This is when a content management and marketing tool like Voraka can make life easier for you and provide you with controls to manage your content lifecycle. To know more, visit or request a demo today.


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